Medicinal Poetry is an offering to the hearts of seekers, to poets and dreamers, to those who not only believe another way is possible, but who are transforming your lives into the medicine that will heal us all.

These pieces of the mystery are born of sorrow and joy,

despair and rage,

ecstasy and hope.

Given in the understanding

that bearing our souls inspires liberation,

and the greatest gift we can give each other

is our experiences, alchemized into medicine.


This is for you, wanderer, worshiper,

Lover of fire and the heart's tender flame.

This is for your scared places, your brave places,

your healing places, and your broken places,

open to the clarity of mourning's light.

Inquiries about booking Niema for performances or poetry writing workshops, or receiving creativity coaching are most welcome.








Niema Lightseed is the progenitor of Medicinal Poetry.

By bringing light to the places where words and the body meet Niema strives to share the multi-faceted beauty of life.