~ undamming

finally the tears come like an orgasm,

breaking open the dam.

The next wave of grieving

gently relieving

all that has been heavy on my heart.

Melting the foggy numbness

that hides agonizing hurt.

These days they seem the same,

the rush gush light blast of ultimate pleasure

overtaking everything,

and the warm salty overflow

as my eyes are washed clean by understanding.

Letting go,


a vastly humbling way

of making love to the Mystery

that only passes through us

never to be owned,

never held in place.

We do not posses love

love possesses us,

if we allow, if we open enough.

It pulses through and around us

like the eternal ocean,

always one, yet never the same.

I taste salt,


and peer through the moistness

to realize that I am breathing

with my whole body.

Releasing what I thought I wanted

gives me a moment of boundless majesty.